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You may receive an invoice from thus (Typically once every year), with a description line saying "WPML Multilingual CMS - myWebsite.com (FromDate - ToDate)", and wondering what's that for.

WPML, or WordPress Multi-Language, is a plugin that allows your website to operate in Multi-Language mode (e.g: English + French)

If you've done a Multi-Language website with us, then this invoice relates to your annual renewal of your access to our developer's Licence for keeping that plugin up to date, feature rich, with optimized performance, and secure.

You can find out more about what's new in the latest versions released on https://wpml.org/category/changelog/

Of course, you can also subscribe directly with WPML (In that case let us know and we'll deactivate your access to our developer's Licence and cancel automatic renewal).

However if you do choose to subscribe directly with WPML (It won't cost you much cheaper doing that :-) ), then you'll lose access to our team's support for fixing any compatibility issues / bugs with new versions of WordPress / WPML coming in, and you'll need to get support directly with WPML (Keeping the licence with us ensures you get faster and free support from our team :-) )

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