Setting up a Free SSL Certificate
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First you will need to login to CPanel.
Once logged in, look for the "SSL/TLS Status" Option. (You can find out more about Lets Encrypt on

The new screen will show you the status of SSL Certificate installation for all your subdomains.

SSL is automatically installed by default on every account hosted on our servers for Free.

Should you you have subdomains that are not hosted on this server, e.g if your mails are on another server like Google Suite, Office365 etc, you may want to opt for the "Exclude from AutoSSL" option for that particular subdomain

If instead you need a Commercial SSL Certificate from RapidSSL, Geotrust or Symantec, you can head on to for a full list.

If you're not sure about what to select, just raise a live chat conversation with us and we'll be glad to help :-)

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