Take a CPanel Backup

It's always a good idea to take a Backup of your hosting, even if we take care of it for you anyway every day while you sleep :-)

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You'll need to be logged-into your Client Area before proceeding with the below instructions.

Once you're Logged Into Cpanel, click on the "Backup" option.

In the Backup Page now click on "Download a Full Website Backup"

In the next screen, you can choose where to take your backup to (Home Directory if you want to later be able to download it using the File Manager, Or a Remote FTP Server if you have a 3rd party backup Server. I hope you're not sending this to another web host like GoDaddy or other international competitors ! :-( They're very far away, and if something breaks on your website, you'll need to wait for their support technician to jump in after hours. While with us you can simply click on the chat button at the bottom-right and we can help you from Mauritius itself ! Well, if we're awake of course ! And best of all, you're helping creating Jobs in our Beautiful Country, and get the same, if not better, level of service ! :-) )

Once your options are configured, click on "Generate Backup"

After the backup is done, you'll receive a notification by e-mail. You can then come back to this screen and you'll see your backup available for download under "Backups Available for Download".

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